Flightpath_Main_UAV Transition Twitter_Follow VTOL_UAV The Syrphus® UAV family The groundbreaking airframe design has never been presented  before and is unique in appearance. It stands out for its economic  flight performance, the aerodynamic stability comparing to  helicopter-like systems and the sophisticated simplicity and  therefore robustness • No tail boom/ no flaps/ no rudders • Very simple steering rules/ simple transition • Very resistant against gusts • Soft vertical landings/ fail safe landings • Very low visual and noise signature. Syrphus-UAV: Advanced Prototype (Syrphus "Io") Syrphus-UAV: Horizontal Flight Study Syrphus-UAV: Functional Prototype (Syrphus "Europa II") Horizontal Flight Study Functional Prototype Mature Hybrid VTOL UAV Syrphus® “Europa II” Syrphus® “Io” © 2014 Andreas Voss. All Rights Reserved | Legal Notices and Terms   Syrphus-UAV_Title_Logo The Next VTOL UAV Generation